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A great pen & ink drawing of our good friend Rich Vogler sitting in the Wilke Racers #11 midget. We still miss you buddy!
A great pen & ink drawing of our good friend Rich Vogler sitting in the Wilke Racers #11 midget. We still miss you buddy!
1968 AAR Eagle
1972 #98 Vivitar - Leader Card Racers – JC Agajanian Special.
Mike Mosley was leading the 1972 Indianapolis 500 when the right front hub broke, crashed turn 4. Started 16th Finished 26th
Leader Card Racers long time Chief Mechanic AJ Watson restored the car to the
1972 livery colors as it is today.
1961 Leader Card Special Duo
Check out the matching Edsel station wagon tow vehicle.
1981 Sun Prairie, WI
L-R crew member Pat Moran, Driver Dean Erfurth & Car Owner Mark Wilke
Enjoying the sponsors product after winning the feature event. Miller Time!!
1988 Putnamville IN.
Rich Vogler driving the Wilke Racers Cosworth to another Hut 100 win.
Don Branson at the wheel of the Leader Card 110 Offy.
Dayton, OH. Mike Mosley in a little trouble driving the #2 Leader Card Sprinter.
Not sure who this is, but OUCH!
A great pen & ink drawing of our good friend Rich Vogler sitting in the Wilke Racers #11 midget. We still miss you buddy!
December 1959 Sebring, FL.
US Grand Prix Driver Rodger Ward on the road course in the Ralph Wilke #1 Leader Card Midget. Ralph installed a two speed gear box with a clutch so Ward could shift in the turns.
1960 Road America, WI L-R Ralph Wilke, Driver Buzz Hahn and car owner Bob Wilke.
Leader Card Racers entered the road racing business for a short time in the early 60s. This is a Porsche 550RS Spyder it was also driven by Rodger Ward.
Jess McDermott from Jackson, WI 
sent us this picture of him at this years Indy 500, check out the
awesome vintage Leader Card Roadster T-shirt. You Go Jess!!
August 12, 1961 Milwaukee Mile
Driver Jim Hurtubise sits in the Leader Card Racers #5
Midget. Jim finished while team mate Len Sutton finishes third in the #4 Leader Card Entry, some guy named Jones won the race.
1959 Indianapolis 500
This picture was taken after Rodger qualified the #5 Leader Card "500' Roadster.
Rodger would go on to win his first of two Indy 500’s later that month.
September 1, 1966 Minnesota State Fair Grounds - St Paul, MN. #4 Leader Card Racers driver Mel Cornett celebrates with car owners Ralph Wilke (L) and Gus Wesell(R). This was an IMCA midget event, the race was 150 laps and paid $900 to win.
May 3, 1959 New Breman Speedway - This is the first race ever for car owners Ralph Wilke and Gus Wesell. The driver is Frank Buraney, they had engine wows that day and finished back in the pack. The team wins their first feature event on June 19, 1959 with driver Chuck Weyant. Weyant would win 1 more time in 59 while
Rodger Ward recorded 2 more frature wins for the #16 Leader Card Midget. The #16 eventually gets a face lift and the #4 replaces the #16.
1959 Leader Card Racres Garage in Glendale,CA (Los Angeles) Check out the teams maching Ford Edsel tow vehicles! Bob Wilke had all the cool stuff!!
June 10, 1962 Milwaukee Mile. Winning Driver AJ Foyt & Chief Mechanic George Bignotti With The Leader Card Trophy.
August 24 1957 Milwaukee Mile. L-R Car Owner Lindsey Hopkins, Chief Mechanic Jack Beckley & Winning Driver Jim Rathmann with the Leader Card Trophy
May 30, 1959 Indy 500 Winner Rodger Ward & Wife Jo in the Leader Card Garage after the race.
Sept 16 1956 Bob Wilke hands driver Jimmy Bryan the Leader Card Trophy for winning the Milwaukee Mile USAC 250 Mile Stock Car Race.
Circa 1939 Ray Richards in the #5 Leader Card Special Midget
1971 Indianapolis State Fair Grounds. Driver George Snider in the #4 Leader Card Racers 
G.C. Murphy Offy. George Snider and Leader Card won the USAC dirt championship, this was the first year that USAC had separate points
for Indy cars and dirt cars, later to become the Silver Crown series.
2006 Milwaukee Mile. Jerry Coons Jr. at speed in his Wilke Pak Motorsports #11. Gerat Shot from Jeff Arns.
1967 Rislone Newspaper Ad & Poster.
"When Wilke buys it, the word gets around pretty Fast" This poster made in 1967 was of the Leader Card Racers #6 driven by Bobby Unser, the following year 1968 Bobby Unser would win his first Indy 500 in the #3 Leader Card Racers Rislone Special. This is the same car used in the Hollywood blockbuster movie "Winning" starring Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Richard Thomas & Robert Wagner. The race car was painted the same; however Rislone was replaced by Crawford as the sponsor in the motion picture.
Circa 1960 L-R Jimmy Bryan, Rodger Ward (in car) & Sam Hanks, attending a trade show for the Raybestos Company.
2007 Belleville, Ks. Wilke Pak Motorsports enjoys its Friday night feature win, the following night the Wilke Pak team scored its first Belleville Nationals victory. L-R Car Owner Greg Wilke, Trophy Girl, Driver Jerry Coons Jr.,Nicki Wilke, Chris Wilke & Kevin Toth.
1959 The newly established Leader Card Racers Team. AJ Watson and driver Rodger Ward stand by the Leader Card Duo car.
Circa 1939 Driver Pete Neilson   in the Leader Card #5A
July 23 1983 Sun Prairie, WI. Angell Park Speedway.
Driver Kevin Olson battles teammate Dan Fredenberg
in the Pabst Blue Ribbon, Greg Wilke design coil over cars with
a AutoCraft VW. KO won the event.
1992 Indianapolis, IN Driver Page Jones with the Wilke Racers, Ellis pavement car,smiles with the Hooters girls for a promotional photo.
August 31 1984 Springfielf Speedway - Springfield, IL             - Driver Ricky Hood -                                                                             L-R Mark Wilke, Troy Richards, Kevin Olson, Ricky Hood,     Greg Wilke.                                                                                          Ricky Hood subs for regular driver Kevin Olson who broke his neck earlier in the year at Hales Cornres Speedway in Wisconsin
1991 Angell Park Speedway - Sun Prairie, WI                           Victory Lane                                                                Back Row - Jeff Richlen, Dan Leibhauser, Gary Grahn, Cailyn Wilke, Mark Wilke, Shannon Wilke, Greg Wilke, Chris Wilke, Lisa Leibhauser                         Front Row - Melissa Reeves, Stevie Reeves, Nicole Wilke
1982 Angell Park Speedway - Sun Prairie, WI. 
 Driver Dean  Erfurth.                            Driving the Wilke Racers #9 
Miller High Life, Edmonds Coil Car
Autocraft VW
July 19 1981 Sun Prairie, WI
Angell Park Speedway
Driver Ken Schrader with car owners
Greg and Mark Wilke. Schrader was in Milwaukee for a USAC stock car race and drove the one hour west to Sun Prairie to see if he could get a ride for that nights midget race. Mark Wilke gave up his driving chores that night to give Ken the wheel of his Miller High Life , Don Edmonds coil over, AutoCraft VW.
Circa 1939
Driver Ray Richards Left with car owner Bob Wilke.
2005 USAC Awards Banquet
Wilke Pak Motorsports Crew pickup up their first place Championship Rings from USAC's Bill Carey.
L-R Randy Luedtke, Kevin Toth, Chris Wilke, Bill Carey and Greg Wilke.
1980 Slinger Super Speedway
Slinger, WI 
Driver Don Boorse in the Wilke Racres - Harry Turner chassis - Chevy II engine.
August 19 1984
Springfield, IL
Illinois State Fair Grounds
Driver Rich Vogler at speed in the Wilke Racers - Pabst Blue Ribbon - AutoCraft VW.
1946 Car Owner Bob Wilke stands beside his #1 Leader Card Offy with driver Mike O'Halloran. This chassis was builted by Fred Tomshe of Milwaukee.
1961 Milwaukee Mile. Len Sutton in the #4 Leader Card 110 Offy (outside) battles with Parnelli Jones in the #89 Chuck's Motor Service Offy. Jim Hurtubise in a second Leader Card midget lead most of the 100 laps before giving way to Jones with just eight laps left. Hurtubise Offy had spark plug problems and was running on three cylinders finishing second. Jones won the 100 miler and Sutton finished third.
September 1 1984 Tri-City Speedway in Granite City, IL. L-R Greg Wilke, Mark Wilke, Troy Richards & Driver Ricky Hood. Hood who ran the bottom of the track dominating the main event until being passed with a few laps remaining by Tom Bigelow who found that the track started taking rubber in the middle grove, Hood ran second in his Wilke Racers Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, Autocraft VW. This was the second time Ricky Hood ran a midget, the first time was the night before at Little Springfield where Hood found victory lane in the Wilke car. Not bad for his first and second time in a midget.
Circa 1964 Indianapolis, IN. L-R Car Owner Bob Wilke with friend Sid Collins. Collins was an American broadcaster best known as the radio voice of the Indianapolis 500 on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Radio Network from 1952-1976. He made famous the term "the greatest spectacle in racing." Saddly in April 1977 he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis ALS, on May 2nd, collins took his own life he was scheduled to announce the 1977 Indianapolis 500.  
Collins was awarded nine American Auto Racing Writers and Broadcasters awards as the best auto racing broadcaster in the nation. He was cited by Indiana University's Radio/TV School as an outstanding graduate and was named to the Indiana Journalism Hall of Fame in 1979. Collins was 54.
1970 Ontario, CA Steve Krisiloff of Parsippany, New Jersey stands by his Leader Card Wagner Lockheed Eagle Offy. Steve started 19th and only ran 8 laps before having magneto problems he finished 29th.
1962 Leader Card Racers driver Len Sutton finished second to team mate Rodger Ward at Indianapolis, driving the #7 Autolite Special. This photo shows Len before a National Championship dirt event.
1968 Bill Engelhart sits in his #7 Willman Offy. This was the famous #4 Leader Card 110 Offy, Ralph Wilke sold the car that year to car owner Gene Willman. Gene went on to win the 1968 BMARA Car Owners Championship with this car. Bill Engelhart finished second to Billy Wood in the drivers Championship. Gene Willman is the son of  legendary driver Tony Willman who was killed October 12 1941 in a midget at the Thompson Speedway in Thompson, Connecticut.
Indianapolis 1974 Leader Card Racers cocktail party at the Speedway Hotel. J.C. "Aggie" Agajanian sponsor of the Leader Card Lodestar #98 Indy Car (left).  along with Car Owner Ralph Wilke (right)& Ralph's wife Marilyn "Skeeter" Wilke
Indianapolis 1961 Rodger Ward sits in his #2 Del Webb Sun City Leader Card 500 Offy Watson Roadster. Ward finished third in the 500 behind race winner AJ Foyt and second place Eddie Sachs. Ward collected $26,500 while AJ took home $117,975. Thanks to Bob Parks for the photo.
This is the front cover from the November 28th 1969 USAC Newspaper. Back then USAC had a weekly newspaper covering that weeks events, the newspaper 15 x 11 in size with 12 pages had a classified section and ads. This issue has an article on Leader Card Racers from 1939 - 1969. The cover shows the Leader Card Midget with trailer from 1939 along with the famous Leader Card Racers Tortoise and Hare logo.
June 2, 1990 CalExpo State Fair Grounds. Wilke Racers Team Celebrates that nights USAC Midget feature win. L-R Mark Wilke, Driver Rich Vogler, Greg Wilke, Jeff Richlen & Gene Kevi family friend & sponsor from Caesars Palace. After the race Rich gave this unique trophy to Ralph Wilke because Ralph convinced Greg and Mark to bring the midget to CA. with their Silver Crown Car. Rich drove the Silver Crown car to a tenth place finish the next day. Sadly this would be the last midget feature win for Rich Vogler before his untimely death 49 days later at Salem Speedway in Indiana.
June 9, 1957 Milwaukee Mile. Jimmy Bryan receives the Leader Card Trophy from Bob Wilke for fast time. For years Bob / Leader Cards would sponsor the trophies at the Milwaukee Mile races for big cars, stock cars and midgets.
1984 Milwaukee Mile. Driver Stan Fox waves to the camera during a Pabst media day to introduce the New Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, Leader Card Racers #24 Indy Car Team. The car was a year old 1983 March form the Jim Truman Truesport Team with driver Bobby Rahal
DuQuoin, IL 1966 Driver Chuck Hulse with Leader Card chief A.J. Watson.
August 22 1965 Milwaukee Mile Driver Bobby Grim in the #95 Wynn's, Leader Card Racers Watson Roadster chats with car owner Ralph Wilke. Bobby started 9th finish 8th. This car was the #7 Leader Card 500 Roadster that Len Sutton failed to qualify in the 1963 Indianapolis 500, it is also the #95 Dite Rite Cola Special.
1960 Indianapolis 500. Driver Chuch Stevenson sits in his #65 Leader Card "500" Roadster. Chuck started 9th and finish 15th, this is the same car that Rodger Ward won the 500 in the year before.
Sadly its the same car that Tony Bettenhausen was killed in on May 12,1961 while testing the car for friend Paul Russo.
February 1967 Driver Pedro Rodríguez getting fitted into his #90 Leader Card Racers, Watson Ford. From L-R are Chief Mechanic AJ Watson, Car Owner Bob Wilke and Crew Member Willie Davis.
July 28, 1974 Road America. Mike Mosley poses with his Leader Card, Loadstar Formula 5000 Lola.
1970 Indianapolis 500 Driver Bobby Unser qualified 7th and finished 11th in his #3 Leader Card Racers, Wagner Lockheed, Eagle Ford. Car Owner Bob Wilke, in baseball cap, and Chief Mechanic Jud Phillips, standing at the rear of the car.
July 9 2006 Sun Prairie, WI. Michael Pickens in the Ralph Wilke #5 recovers from this bad push and wins that nights 25-lap Badger Midget Series feature. Jeff Arns Photo
Circa 1945 East coast drivers Johnny Bernardi and Joe Sostilio sit in their Leader Card Sostilio Offy Midgets. Car owner Bob Wilke stands between his two cars.
1959 Rodger Ward in the #5 Leader Card "Duo" Special. "Duo" meant both dirt & asphalt.
1964 Fairbury, Il. Driver Bobby Marshman in the Leader Card Racers #4 110 Offy.
Johnny Rutheford, far right, was the lead driver for the Leader Card Team in 1966 however he broke both arms in a sprint car accident at the Eldora Speedway earlier in the year. Chuck Hulse replaced Rutheford in the #12 Wynn's Special. Sadly driver Chuck Rodee #92 died on May 14th while attempting to qualify for the 1966 Indianapolis 500.
Spring 1959 Ralph Wilkes first midget #16. This midget eventually became the #4 Leader Card 110 Offy.
Pictured here is Ralphs wife Marilyn (Skeeter) with 3 of their sons Mark being held, while L-R Greg and Scott sitting in the cockpit. Check out the matching lettered station wagon in the back ground.
1982 Owner/Driver Mark Wilke poses for Milwaukee Journal Photographer William Meyer.
1961 Milwaukee Mile. Jim Hurtubise wheeles the #5 Leader Card Midget to a second place finish while team mate Len Sutton finishes third in the #4 Leader Card Entry, some guy named Jones won the race.
Circa 1940 Leader Card Racers #4 & #5 Midgets
1960  Kokomo, IN. Parnelli Jones at the wheel of the #4 Leader Card Racers 110 Offy Midget. L-R Ralph Wilke, Bud Grimm, Gus Wesell & Billy (Wiz) Wisnewski.
Indianapolis 1970 Mike Mosley Started 12 Finished 21. Bob Wilke & A.J. Watson pose with the Leader Card Racers GC Murphy crew.
Leader Card 500 Roadster Special Quarter Midget
Circa 1940 Eddy Kracek in the Leader Card special
Circa 1939 Ray Richards in the Leader Card Special Midget
Bob Wilke Inducted into the Midget Hall of fame in 2003
Mark Wilke with house guest pal Kato Kaelin
2008 Jerry Coons Jr. with team Wilke in victory lane at the Prarie. L-R Chris, Ralph, Jerry & Greg
2008 Jerry Coons Jr. on the GAS at the Prairie. Cool Shot! Jeff Arns photo
1993 Kevin Olson in the Hooters Wilke Ellis Chassis
1983 Ascot Park Thanksgiving Night Grand Prix Victory Lane Winner Kevin Olson in the Wilke Racers #1 Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Auto Craft VW
1968 Mike Mosley in the Leader Card Sprinter
1968 Indianapolis 500 Victory Lane. Victory Lane L-R Norma Unser Bobby's wife - Car Owner Bob Wilke - Bobby Unser - 500 festival queen - Actor James Garner
Driver Mel Cornett sets in the Leader Cards Midget. L-R Gus Wesell, Ralph Wilke & Harvy Konkel. Hales Corners Speedway 1968
1959 U.S. Grand Prix Leader Card Midget. L-R Ralph Wilke, Gus Wesell, Rodger Ward, Bob Wilke & Ronnie Kaplen. Ralph Wilke installed a two speed gear box with a clutch in the #1 Midget so Rodger Ward could shift in the turns
1939 Harry McQuinn in the Leader Cards #4 Midget
4 Generations of the Wilke family Racing L-R Greg,Chris,Bob (pictured), Ralph & Mark
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